Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 2017

On February 1st we took our Goldens to the bahnhof to go to their new areas!
There are often members who come to the bahnhof to see our tranferring missionaries.
It's a great time to see missionaries as they come and go in the mission.
That evening we gathered with our going home group to have a final dinner,
and testimony meeting.
Then President left immediately to start interviews around the mission; he began in Zürich Zone.
Erika and I stayed behind, but then rode the bus down on Saturday night... 
so that we could be in Zürich Stake Conference on Sunday.
Salzburg Zone at their Zone Training.
Next President did training and interviews in München Zone...Day One.
Day Two.
We were sad to say goodbye to Elder & Sister Hatch.  They have served faithfully in Lahr, Germany.  She has been our mission nurse and he has been a medical adviser.  We have really depended upon them!
Then it was MLC time again.
Our February Mission Leadership Council.
Right after MLC President Kohler left for Switzerland for more interviews.  On Sunday he was in the Aarau Ward with Elders Ebert & McCann.
Interviews and Training with the Bern Zone.
Back in Munich Elder & Sister Hanson hosted a lovely Valentine's Day Dinner...
They were very kind to feed many missionaries :)
Meanwhile, in Provo, a group of our former Sisters gathered--they sent us this sweet message!
While President Kohler was interviewing I had the opportunity to do some street contacting with our Munich Sisters.  They were great!
 Interviews and Training in Stuttgart Zone.
 Interviews and Training in Wien Zone.
 And finally in Salzburg...Day One
  Day Two.
 We enjoyed attending church in Richterswil with Elders Price & Jack.
 And we said goodbye to Elder & Sister Bader.  They have served faithfully in Ingolstadt and we will miss them :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017

 On January 1st we had the chance to visit 2 Wards:  The Bonstetten Ward with Elders Zeller & Walker, and the Zürich English Ward with Sisters Svobodova & Pascale.  It was a great way to start the new year and even more fun because our daughter Tosha was with us.
 On the way home we met up with our Schaffhausen missionaries:  Elders Anderson & Tunnicliffe and Sisters Becsi and Tauche.  
 We had a very productive Mission Leadership Council that week where we discussed many things with our mission leaders that they could take back to their zones.
 January's Mission Leadership Council.
 The next Sunday we were in Stuttgart and attended our two wards there--the Stuttgart Ward with Sistesr Jones & Pettit...
 and Elders Bates & Seewer.
 In the same building is our Stuttgart Military Ward where our amazing couple the Stephensens serve...
with our great sisters: Sisters Hill & Howsmon.  We enjoyed church in both wards.
 That week Elder & Sister Andreasen joined us in the mission.  They will be serving in Singen, Germany.  Welcome!
Just a little fun at the office with Erika and the Gildners!
On this snowy evening I got to go out dooring with Sisters Gach and Fowler--it was great!
The whole mission got a lot of snow and tried hard to keep warm with very cold temperatures!
 President Kohler loved attending church in Heilbronn and seeing Elders Bowman & Cousins there.
Then we sent Elder Mielacher on his way to the MTC and Angola.  He has been serving with us while he waited for his visa.  Good Luck!
 One day in the office.
 We had to say goodbye to Elder & Sister Christensen.  They have served faithfully and well in Klagenfurt, Austria.  We will miss them!
 But we welcomed Elder & Sister Matthews into the mission.  They will be serving in Salzburg, Austria.  What a great addition to our mission!
 Sister Gildner is always so good to get all of our missionaries straight with their visa needs.
 Another Sunday President Kohler was in Dielsdorf with Elders Konietz & Mikulenka.
 Then it was Zone Conference Time!  We had some great zone conferences to show the world-wide broadcast and to discuss the changes to the missionary daily schedule and key indicators.  First we met in Zürich with our Zürich, St. Gallen and Bern Zones.
I was the photographer but Elder Reiner wanted to make sure I was in one of the pictures :)
 These zone conferences were shorter than usual, so we didn't have lunch, but we did bring the missionaries a little snack for after the meeting.
 They always love eating and visiting!
 The next day we held a conference in Munich--here President Kohler goes over the daily schedule changes with our missionaries.
 Our wonderful Munich and Stuttgart Zones!
 More snacking and visiting after the meeting.
 On Saturday we held our final conference with the Salzburg & Wien Zones.  Another great meeting.
And more snacking!
 On Sunday we headed over to Bruck an der Mur in Austria to attend church there.  This is the lovely building where our branch meets (in the top floor)
And here are our great elders who are serving there:  Elders Muhlestein & Sorenson.
 On the last day of the month we were happy to receive 10 new Goldens:  1 flew in from Provo, 8 flew in from Preston, and one arrived by train from Freiburg.
We enjoyed dinner together that evening and a testimony meeting where they found out their first areas and trainers.  Welcome to the mission!