Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 2017

In the beginning of May President Kohler was interviewing and training here in the München Zone...
On two different days.
Then we held our May Mission Leadership Council.
We were blessed to have both of President Kohler's counselors with us:  
President Gappmaier and President Höferl.
Look who came to visit--President and Sister Miles!
The first Sunday of the month we enjoyed having all of our wonderful stake presidents and our area 70, Elder Leimer with us in the mission home.
It was a great Coordinating Council Meeting.
Then President was on the road again to interview in Wien Zone.
Day Two in Wien.
Next he was in the Salzburg Zone...
and Day Two.
The second Sunday of May was a special day around the mission--Mother's Day!  It was a great chance for all of the missionaries to Skype home.  We also go to Skype our missionary too.  It had to be a 4-way to get us all together!
The next week President Kohler was interviewing and training in Zürich Zone
Back in the mission office things were all stirred up for painting and re-carpeting.  
Our office staff had to relocate down to the basement.
Then President Kohler was in St. Gallen Zone...
for two days.
We were excited to welcome Elder & Sister Lake into the mission.
They will be serving in Ravensburg, Germany!
On our way down to Bern Stake Conference that weekend, 
we caught up with two of our Elders in Dornbirn.
On Saturday we spoke in the Bern Stake Conference.
On Sunday we went to church in Wettingen, Switzerland.
And back in Munich that evening we were happy to have a visit 
from President Auras and our Assistants.
The next week President was on the road again--this time to train and interview in the Stuttgart Zone.
And one more day there!
Then back home for München Stake Conference.  We love our stake presidency.
And finally it was transfer time again--our 26th and final transfer!  Here we are waiting at the airport for our Goldens to arrive.
And here they are--our 4 wonderful new Goldens!
They got ready to head on the bahn for their first contacting.
The next morning they were ready and excited to go to their first areas.
And as always, it was action-packed at the bahnhof in Munich!
As our wonderful office Elders were buying tickets for our missionaries they were asked by multiple random people to help them as well--they thought they were employed there.  
Our good Elders just stayed and helped many people!
That evening we had a pleasant dinner with our going home group.
We will miss these 7 wonderful missionaries!  It was a full month.

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

 April started off with General Conference--missionaries all over the mission gathered in church buildings to view General Conference.
By the last session on Sunday, it was just missionaries in the English Room at our Church.
 We had a wonderful Mission Leadership Council with our Zone Leaders & Sister Training Leaders.
 On Easter Sunday we loved speaking in Klagenfurt and being with our wonderful missionaries there.
 The Wades invited us to an Easter Lunch.
 The Office Staff enjoyed a German lunch together before transfers.
 We were thrilled to welcome our 12 new Goldens into the mission plus one amazing returning missionary!
We enjoyed a dinner together before finding out where these new missionaries would be serving.
 At the end of the evening the Assistants were great to lead them on the bahn to their hostel--they were ready to get to bed!
 The next day they were excited and ready to go to their new areas!
 We also enjoyed dinner and testimonies with our departing group of 14.
 These great missionaries will be missed in the mission!
Our next Sunday was spent in the Passau Branch.  What a great place to be!
President Kohler and I also went to Frankfurt this month for our Mission Presidents' Seminar.  This is the wonderful group of ten Presidents and Wives whom we came out with.  
Seated in front is the Europe Area Presidency.
 It sure was fun to talk to Sister Ivory from our son Tanner's mission!
 We enjoyed a visit from Elder Lingen and family at the Mission Home.
 Then we headed to Bern where two of our Sisters are doing a great job giving Temple Tours.
 We had interviews and District Meetings with the Bern Zone.
 Erika got to attend the Paris Temple Open House with a family from our stake and she ran into one of our former Elders there!
 The last Sunday of the month we were in the Biel Ward.  
And look who we found--Elder & Sister Fox!
 Our Elders in Biel are doing a fabulous job :)