Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2014

At the beginning of February we were sad to see Elder Evans' time here come to an end--he is one of our amazing missionaries!
 But we were excited to welcome Elder Rahlf--what a great addition to the mission.
We had the wonderful opportunity this month to have a mission tour with Elder Patrick Kearon of the first Quorum of the Seventy.  We had two meetings--the first one was in Switzerland with four of our zones, and the other was in Munich with the other four zones.  Elder Kearon took some time before both of the meetings to greet each of our Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders
 Then he met each elder and sister in the meeting.
 It was great for our family to be able to join in this sweet experience.

At the lunch break everyone enjoyed eating and visiting.
Our son Tanner blended right in.

And our daughter Erika easily joined the group as well. 

The whole gang:  Bern, Zürich, St. Gallen & Freiburg Zones.
The next day we had our second meeting.  Again he started by greeting the leaders of the zones.

And then we all got to greet each elder and sister.

The Stuttgart, München, Salzburg and Wien Zones.
 Lunch Break
Elder Kearon enjoyed visiting with the missionaries during lunch.
Thanks for an uplifting Mission Tour, Elder Kearon!
Back in the office, President Kohler and Elder Bauerfeind had "Tons of Good!" working together.
Also in the month we had the quarterly Coordinating Council Meeting:  a gathering of the 7 Stake Presidents in our mission, President Kohler , and our area authority, Elder Fingerle.

 We also welcomed Elder and Sister McOmber to the mission--they joined us from the Berlin Mission to continue their Family History assignment.
Our faithful office couples:  Elder & Sister Gildner and Elder & Sister Thurman.
At transfers we received another transplant from the Berlin Mission:  Our Assistant, Elder Nielson's twin brother!  He came to us so that these two could travel home together.  What a treat!
Transfer Time:  Welcome Goldens!
 Here they are at the airport, ready to head out and start doing the work.
In the evening they gathered in the mission home while they waited to eat and to receive their first companions and areas.
 Here they are the next morning on their way to the Bahnhof to head to their new areas.
Our Going-Home Missionaries gathered for a farewell dinner and testimony meeting
 An amazing group--we are sad to let them go!
And Elder Abbott just kept going--while checking in his luggage for the flight home he got a referral.  Good Work Elder!
A Great Month in the Mission!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 2015

 On January 1st we were thrilled to send our newest missionaries out to their area--Elder and Sister Hasler are serving in Innsbruck.  Welcome!
 We prepared for our January Mission Leadership Council the night before as some of our leaders arrived from the far reaches of the mission.  They had traveled a long way and were hungry!
 We enjoyed some food and scripture sharing before bedtime.
 The next day the other leaders arrived and we had a great council.
 Of course lunch is always a fun part of the day when we get to visit for a few minutes.
 Then back to the business at hand.  We appreciate our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders!
 We were sad to lose the Mowers because they gave such amazing service while they were here, 
but it was time to say goodbye.
A visit to the Augsburg Ward one Sunday.
 The President and his men wait for our next group of Goldens.  It's transfer time again!
 And here they are--they looked wonderful.
 After interviews and training at the office they were glad to come to the Mission Home and have some food before finding out where and with whom they would be serving.
 After a good night's sleep they were ready to go to their new areas!
 That same day we received our departing group of 27!  We had to go to the church since the group was so large.  Here are some of them writing their departing testimonies.
 This is the room where we stored and weighed their luggage in groups according to when and how they would be departing the next day.
 We had a delicious dinner prepared by our own wonderful Sister Gildner.  It was a time of good conversation and reminiscing.  Afterwards followed a sweet testimony meeting.
 And here they are--ready to head home the next morning!  We love them and will miss them!
 Once transfers were over, it was interview time around the mission.  These are the Augsburg and München 2/4 Districts as they gathered for training from President Kohler and interviews.
 Here are the München 1/3 and Landshut Districts.
President Kohler with the Zollikofen District for Interviews.