Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

 April started off with General Conference--missionaries all over the mission gathered in church buildings to view General Conference.
By the last session on Sunday, it was just missionaries in the English Room at our Church.
 We had a wonderful Mission Leadership Council with our Zone Leaders & Sister Training Leaders.
 On Easter Sunday we loved speaking in Klagenfurt and being with our wonderful missionaries there.
 The Wades invited us to an Easter Lunch.
 The Office Staff enjoyed a German lunch together before transfers.
 We were thrilled to welcome our 12 new Goldens into the mission plus one amazing returning missionary!
We enjoyed a dinner together before finding out where these new missionaries would be serving.
 At the end of the evening the Assistants were great to lead them on the bahn to their hostel--they were ready to get to bed!
 The next day they were excited and ready to go to their new areas!
 We also enjoyed dinner and testimonies with our departing group of 14.
 These great missionaries will be missed in the mission!
Our next Sunday was spent in the Passau Branch.  What a great place to be!
President Kohler and I also went to Frankfurt this month for our Mission Presidents' Seminar.  This is the wonderful group of ten Presidents and Wives whom we came out with.  
Seated in front is the Europe Area Presidency.
 It sure was fun to talk to Sister Ivory from our son Tanner's mission!
 We enjoyed a visit from Elder Lingen and family at the Mission Home.
 Then we headed to Bern where two of our Sisters are doing a great job giving Temple Tours.
 We had interviews and District Meetings with the Bern Zone.
 Erika got to attend the Paris Temple Open House with a family from our stake and she ran into one of our former Elders there!
 The last Sunday of the month we were in the Biel Ward.  
And look who we found--Elder & Sister Fox!
 Our Elders in Biel are doing a fabulous job :)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 2017

 On March 1st we welcomed Elder & Sister Madsen into the mission.  We are excited to have them serving in Graz, Austria and to have Elder Madsen help with our medical needs.
 Then it was MLC time again.  Lunch break is always a favorite time of the day!
 Our March Mission Leadership Council.  
We were very blessed to have Elder Leimer, our Area 70 teach us, and to have President Gappmaier, President Kohler's counselor join us.
I loved this picture of our Passau, Landshut and Neuötting Missionaries holding a successful 
street display that weekend!
 The first weekend of the month we were in Stuttgart on Saturday for their stake conference...
 and in Singen on Sunday for church with our fabulous missionaries there!
 It was time to say goodbye to Elder & Sister Kinghorn who served faithfully in Graz, Austria...
 and to Sister Frenkel who served a transfer with us while she waited for her visa to the SLC Temple Square Mission.  Good Luck!
 We also had to say farewell to Elder & Sister Thompson who served so well in Basel, Switzerland.  We will miss you :)
 Then it was off to Salzburg for the Saturday session of Stake Conference. 
 It was wonderful to be with Elder Kearon again.
 And Sunday church in Wien.
 The next week was Transfers!  Our faithful Assistants and München Zone Leaders waited with us at the airport to help lead the Goldens back on the bahn.
We received 15 new Goldens--what a strength to the mission!
 Their luggage completely filled up the office van.
 On the first day we had lunch, training, orientation, interviews, dinner, and a time to hear where they would be serving, followed by testimonies.  By the end of the day they were ready for bed!
 The next morning they were refreshed and ready to head off to their trainers and first areas.
  Later that day we received the outgoing group of 18 missionaries at the church.  There was a moment of Elder bonding before dinner.
 Sisters Gildner & Fischer-Laudenbach prepared a lovely farewell dinner for us.  
What a good-looking group!
 We enjoyed a beautiful final testimony meeting together.  We will miss these Elders & Sisters.
 Look who we got to welcome back into the mission--Elder & Sister Wade.  They were all ready to head back to Klagenfurt, Austria where they had faithfully served before.
 That same day we went to the airport a second time and welcomed Elder & Sister Rowley.  They will be serving in Vienna, Austria in our JAE Center there.
 We had to say farewell to Elder & Sister Green--they have completed their Family History record capturing assignment here in Wien.
 We had a good stake conference in Wien.
 Then it was Zone Conference time again!  On Tuesday we started with our biggest group in Switzerland--the Bern, St. Gallen, and 1/2 Zürich Zones.
 Lunch Break...
 Practice Teaching with the scriptures in the afternoon.
 On Wednesday we loved being with the other half of Zürich and the Stuttgart Zones.
 Lunch Break
 A Sisters Shot!
 On Thursday we met with the München Zone
 Lunch Break
 On Friday look who came to visit--Elder & Sister Thurman who were serving in the office 
when we arrived in the mission.
 On Saturday we had our fourth zone conference with our Salzburg & Wien Zones.
 It was nice to have Erika join us for this meeting.  What a happy group!
 Lunch Break
 Practice Teaching
 Using the Scriptures.
 That weekend we enjoyed attending church in Graz, Austria.  President Kohler and I got to speak along with two of our Goldens:  Elder Larson and Sister Moffett.
 The next week we had a wonderful visit from the Nowak family.  Elder Hassely, their son, was one of our great Elders.  And Brother Nowak was a member with whom President Kohler lived as a young missionary.  
 At the very end of the month we had an uplifting Senior Conference in Salzburg, Austria.
President Kohler and I spoke...
 We had helpful workshops...
 We visited a lot...
 and ate a lot...
 and had a great testimony meeting!
 Then it was time to say goodbye to Elder & Sister Neugebauer.  They will soon be leaving us.  They have worked hard in Wien!