Friday, January 2, 2015

December 2014

By December, the Christmas packages were really piling up in our mission office!
 We bid Elder and Sister Buchanan farewell--thank you for your wonderful service!
 We were thrilled to get Elder McColgan back into the mission!
 And of course, we were excited to meet our newest group of Goldens.
 After dinner, they learned of their assignments,
 and we had a wonderful testimony meeting together.
Here they go the next day, off to their Golden areas! 
 And we welcomed in our group of departing missionaries.
 What a wonderful bunch!
After transfers it was time for our Christmas Zone Conferences.  We started with the Bern and Zurich Zones.  Along with Christmas messages and beautiful music, we had a great time watching
"Meet the Mormons."
We had fun gift exchanges with each group at lunch time.
 Next were the St. Gallen and Freiburg Zones. 
 Day three:  the München and Stuttgart Zones.

 We were so grateful for the wonderful Relief Society sisters who served us lunch--we had amazing groups helping with each of our four meetings!
 Our final Conference was with the Salzburg and Wien Zones.
Fröhliche Weihnachten!
To finish out the year we had one of wonderful missionaries, Elder Jerman, finish his mission!  
Good Luck in the future and we will miss you!

November 2014

November's Mission Leadership Council
 Our Zone Leaders & Sister Training Leaders practice teaching each other.
 We were happy to welcome Elder and Sister Hicks into the mission!
 München District Meeting

October 2014

 We started the month out with our regular Mission Leadership Council meeting.  The night before our Swiss Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders came in to join us.
 The next morning we were all together for breakfast then the meeting started.  What a fine-looking group of Elders!
 President Kohler helps the mission leaders evaluate some mission data.
 October was also zone conference time.  These are the Bern and Zurich Zones. 
 Munich and Stuttgart Zones.
 Salzburg and Wien Zones.
 President Kohler trained. 
 And Missionaries helped.
In October there was a wonderful Senior conference held here in Munich. 
 Among other activities, we had a history and tour of the Mission Home.
 We love our Senior Couples!
And we had transfers...we love getting new Goldens.
 And we love to celebrate with those missionaries who have completed their missions and are returning home.
 A nice final evening together.
Auf Wiedersehen!

September 2014

Our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders take a lunch break during Mission Leadership Council.
 A wonderful musical fireside was put on by some of our missionaries serving in Switzerland.
 We received another amazing group of Goldens into the mission.
 Elder & Sister Thurman and Elder Bauerfeind helped by preparing a delicious lunch for them back at the Rückertstrasse Building.
 Our office staff also do an incredible job of organizing all of the comings and goings of missionaries throughout the mission at transfer time.  
Here they are running things at the Hauptbahnhof in München.
 Our group makes quite a sight--and this is just one of the bahnhofs in the mission!
 Goodbye to another great departing group.  We will miss you!

August 2014

We started out August with a great Mission Leadership Council.
Then it was time for interviews around the mission.  On this day we got to receive a wonderful Temple Tour in Zollikofen.
We enjoyed joining the Winterthur District for their meeting.
And the München District Meeting was also great!

July 2014

Goodbye to Elder & Sister Wright--thank you for your wonderful service!
And Welcome to Elder and Sister Lee.  What a great addition to our Mission!
We received a wonderful surprise on our doorstep.  President and Sister Condie came back to visit the mission.  We were so grateful that they stopped to see us.
  Elder Abd El Moeti had to leave a few days before his departing group.  We were happy to see him successfully off.
 We received our first group of goldens.  We were no longer the newest missionaries in the mission!
 With hellos, there are always goodbyes.  And so we took our first departing group to the airport.  It was bitter sweet to say farewell to so many great missionaries.
We also sent off our two wonderful office sisters:  Sister Holmgren,
And Sister Sonomura.  We will miss you!