Friday, May 1, 2015

A Wonderful Day with Elder Bednar! (April 2015)

It was impressive to see our missionaries arriving at the Church the day of the Meeting!

 They all gathered in the chapel and reverently waited.

 Meanwhile, some of our amazing sisters made hundreds of sandwiches for lunch.

 Elder & Sister Bednar arrived at the church.

 President & Sister Teixeira accompanied the Bednars.

 President Auras (Munich Stake), the Teixeiras (European Area President), the Bednars, the Kohlers, the Allens (Managing Director of Missionary Department)
 And the meeting began!

 Elder Bednar spent a lot of time interacting with the missionaries--they had chances to ask and answer many important questions.

 The missionaries were SO happy and blessed to be taught by Elder Bednar!

 Elder Allen taught about Missionary Work in the Digital Age.

 President Teixeira also trained the missionaries.
 Sister Bednar was wonderful!

 Lunch break was a great time for the missionaries to be together.

 Then back into the meeting.

 It wasn't ALL serious!

 And all too soon the meeting was over.
 Then the missionaries headed back to their areas in the mission.  This was the last big group to go.


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  2. Hey, I loved the way you did the conference and that opportunity that the missionaries had to be taught by Elder Bednar. I think it's a wonderful mission and the missionaries could work happy and fulfilled. For how long you Sir are president ?