Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015

 At the airport for our August transfer--Tanner, our Assistants Elders Dewey and Ridd, and President Kohler
 Our first arrival was Elder Acuna Moreno--we were so excited to get him back into the Mission!
 Then our wonderful group of Goldens arrived--6 Sisters and 1 Elder
 After loading their luggage into the van and getting a Book of Mormon they headed off to ride the bahn back to the Mission Office--don't worry, they had the Assistants and Tanner to help them!
Back at the Office Sister Gildner and Tosha were preparing a delicious lunch for them.
 Throughout the afternoon the Goldens had interviews with President Kohler and received training.  Then that evening they walked over to the Mission Home where we had dinner together.  Afterward we had a wonderful testimony meeting and they found out where and with whom they would be serving!
 The next day we took them to the Bahnhof where our other transferring missionaries also met.  This was a time to send our new Goldens out to their first areas, to send other missionaries who were moving between areas, and to receive the missionaries who were ready to go home.  Here are two of our zone leaders, Elders Dickson and Croft, doing some contacting there.
 I always love the chance transfers give me to see the missionaries!
 Elder Pingel, one of our Office Elders had on the captain's hat this time--that means that he could answer questions!
 Transfers are always a time of reunion.

 Tanner and Tosha loved getting to visit with the missionaries.
 Later in the afternoon, the dying missionaries headed over to the church nearby.  They had time to write their final testimonies, get all checked out with the Office Staff, weigh their luggage, have a final interview with President Kohler, and go out street contacting one more time.
 Then it was a time of celebration--a time to enjoy a delicious meal and to feel great joy together in this great thing they had accomplished.
 After our final testimony meeting we got a group shot.  We will definitely miss these missionaries!
 The next day at the airport is always an adventure--getting each missionary onto the right airline!
Monday morning we had to say goodbye to one of our visa-waiting missionaries:  Sister Stiegelmeier.  She is off to her mission in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Sisters Cherrington and Forsberg took good care of her while she was waiting to fly out.
  Our thoughtful Office Elders did their good deed for the week!  They heard me say that I liked Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch.  They somehow got their hands on a box and presented it to me for when I was sad after Tosha and Tanner kids left!
 Tosha got all ready to head back to Provo for school.  A goodbye to our wonderful Office Couples.
 We love you, Tosha!
 It felt a little like sending her on a mission all over again!
 After Tosha left we went on the road for President Kohler to do interviews.  These fine missionaries even sang Happy Birthday to Erika since it was her birthday this day!
 While at Church in St. Gallen it was fun to see one of our former missionaries--Elder Escher!
 And more interviews after church.  These are our St. Gallen Missionaries--Elders Annen & Kilgore, and the Justesens.
 Elders Byrom and Hansen
 Elders Anderson, Nebeker, Mitchell, and Mantle.
 The Justesens were kind enough to feed us all a delicious lunch, and entertain Erika and Tanner while we were at the Church!
 Back in Munich we welcomed Elder Wright from the Adriatic Mission (second from left).  He came to us temporarily for surgery and the Office Elders took good care of him when he needed companions.
One final haircut for Tanner,
 One final Leberkäse...
 And packing day was here.
 A goodbye to the Office Couples, 
 And to the Office.
 Then it was the day to leave.
 This is where we four stood for a picture more than a year ago as we started this adventure together.

 Goodbye Elder Kohler--we love you so much and we will miss you! 
The next week I got to join a District Meeting--it was wonderful!
Meanwhile, President Kohler went on the road again and did more interviews with our great missionaries!  This was one of the groups he met with.
When President Kohler returned to Munich for a day we were happy to welcome Sister Friebe into our mission.  She will be with us while she waits for a visa. 
And Elder Kohler made it into the MTC in Provo.
Until we are all together again.

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