Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2016

 March started us right off with a transfer--we excitedly waited at the airport to receive our 
new Goldens!
 Seven of them arrived by plane and one by train--welcome!
 That evening we enjoyed dinner together at the Mission Home--followed by a testimony meeting and learning where and with whom they would be serving.
 The next morning they were ready to head to their new areas--off to the bahnhof!
 It was fun to have our new missionaries meet some of our more experienced missionaries.
 That evening we enjoyed a dinner with our 13 departing missionaries.
 We had a wonderful testimony meeting--we will miss you!
 Missionaries are always excited and nervous at the airport when it's time to go home!
 After the transfer we headed to Bern for Stake Conference.  It was great, as always, to be with our missionaries who are serving in that stake...
And here were more of them!  We were here for the Saturday Session.
 On Sunday we were in Stuttgart for another Stake Conference.  We gathered as many of the missionaries from the zone as we could catch!
 We were sad to bid Elder & Sister Zaugg farewell--they have served faithfully in Stuttgart and as our Office Couple--Thank you!
 As soon as the Zauggs left it was time to head to Zürich and meet Elder & Sister Pilz for our Mission Tour.  This group was our three Swiss Zones:  Zürich, Bern & St. Gallen.
 Lunch is always a very happy time for the missionaries!  And we are so grateful to the wonderful members who work hard to prepare it!
 That night we drove straight home after our meeting and Erika was waiting for us at the Mission Home.  It was a nice time to get to know Elder & Sister Pilz better.
 The next day's meeting was here in Munich.  This group contained the München & Stuttgart Zones.
 More happy lunch time visiting.
 Our final meeting was in Salzburg.  Erika joined us for this one!  
We had the Wien & Salzburg Zones together.
 What a lovely lunch...
 and what lovely sisters!
 Thank you so much for a great mission tour, Elder & Sister Pilz!  
We stayed on in Salzburg to attend the Saturday session of Stake Conference.   
Then straight to Wien...
 where we attended the Sunday Session of Stake Conference.  And loved seeing our missionaries.
 A few days later, back in Munich, we welcomed Elder & Sister Thompson into the mission.  They will be in Basel.
 And the day after that, we got our new office furniture--President Kohler & Sister Gildner inspected it.  Look at that wonderful conference table!
 The next week we said goodbye to Sister Friebe who has been serving here for 6 months while waiting for her visa to serve in the Temple Square Mission.
 As soon as Sister Friebe left it was off to Salzburg again--this time for the Senior Conference.
 We have such great senior couples!
 We enjoyed very informative workshops on things like Apartment Inspections!
 They especially enjoyed the time to eat...
 and talk, 
 and talk,
 and talk,
 and talk!
 We love our Seniors!
When we got home from Salzburg we said goodbye to Sister Crake--thank you for your wonderful service.
On Easter Sunday we were in Freiburg to visit the ward there.  A full month!

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