Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016

At the beginning of July we got to visit the Wien 5 Ward with Elders Carter & Seewer. 
Also in this ward is President Kohler's counselor President Höferl.  It was nice to see him!
On the same Sunday we went over to another building in Wien and saw our Zone Leaders--Elders Hale & Lyman.
We went to church in the Wien 4 International Ward in the afternoon with Elders Threlkeld & LaPlant.
And we also saw Sisters Price and Lundgreen there with an investigator.
That evening the entire Wien Zone got to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert in a beautiful concert hall.  The music was spectacular!
Then it was back to Munich for the transfer.  Erika's friend Bridget joined us from Provo for three weeks.  She got to see firsthand what a transfer includes.
Loading the luggage into the office van.
Here is a wonderful new group of Goldens!
And off they go to ride the bahn back to the mission office--and to do their first contacting!
That evening we enjoyed dinner together at the Mission Home--then they found out where they would be serving.
In the morning, at the hostel, they were already talking to people about the Gospel!
After some final training with President Kohler we walked them to the bahnhof to go to their new areas and trainers.
Some of our wonderful Sisters!  Did I mention that our daughter Tosha is with us for 2 months?
Our angels--Sisters Fischer Laudenbach and Gildner prepared a delicious farewell dinner.
It was great to eat and visit with our going home group.
A group picture after our testimony meeting.
The next morning, at the airport, everybody was excited and nervous.
Goodbye Elder Threlkeld...
and Elder Redmond.  We will miss you both.
After the transfer, President Kohler began the next round of interviews.  He started in Munich.  Here is the Landshut District.
On that Sunday we visited the ward in Esslingen--it was great to be greeted at the door by Elders Adam and Hudson!
And it was always fun to get visits from our former missionaries--like Sister Mehr and her family!
On this day, President Kohler interviewed and trained in the Wien Zone.
And on this day it was the Salzburg Zone.
Back in Munich Elders Staheli & Maw kept things running in the office.
On this day President was interviewing and training in the St. Gallen Zone.
And in Munich we had more former missionaries come to visit--Sister Motto...
Elder Bellersen...
Sister Zink.
At the end of the month we were in Switzerland at the Temple.  We got to see our Aarau District.
It was a nice time for our family to be able to be in the temple together :)
That evening President Kohler spoke at a Swiss Mission Reunion and we ran into four of our wonderful Elders serving in the area--Elders Lucas, Ashcroft, Elwell and Kilgore.
The next day we attended church in the Zollikofen ward.
And just to keep you updated, Tanner is thriving in Moldova!

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