Sunday, October 2, 2016

September 2016

 At the beginning of September the Freiberg, Germany Temple was rededicated.  The night before the dedication was a cultural celebration and some of the mission had the chance to watch a broadcast of it.  These were our Munich missionaries after the broadcast.
 And here were the other 4 helping clean up the building for the dedication the next day.
 That same week we were very happy to welcome Elder Reiner into the mission!
 Then it was Mission Leadership Council time again.
 Here are our Assistants doing some training.
 And here is the whole group.
 That weekend we loved attending a wonderful baptism in the München 4th Ward.
 And that Sunday was Stuttgart Stake Conference...
 We have a great group of missionaries serving in the Stuttgart Zone.
 The next week it was time for Zone Conferences.  I enjoyed having a time to visit with just the Sisters in each of our conferences.  And President Kohler had some time with the Elders.
 Bern, St. Gallen & 1/2 of the Zürich Zones
 Lunch Time
 Musical Number
 Practice  Teaching

 The next day we were in Stuttgart--the Sisters!
 Stuttgart & 1/2 Zürich Zones
 Lunch Break
 Musical Number
 President Kohler training
 and lots of Practice

 The next day was in Munich
 München Zone
 Enjoying Lunch!
 More Practice
and more Training
 We bid Elder & Sister Neilson goodbye as they are finished with their Family History assignment here and are being transferred to the Frankfurt Mission.
 Our final Conference was in Salzburg
 Salzburg & Wien Zones
 Lunch Time
 We loved having Erika with us for this Conference :)
 Musical Number
 Musical Number
 Time to Practice

 And one very creative final musical number!
 Back in Munich we had our quarterly Coordinating Council Meeting at the Mission Home.
 The next week we welcomed Elder & Sister Kennard into the mission.  They will be serving in Innsbruck, Austria.
 And we said goodbye to Elder & Sister Graham who have served faithfully in Linz, Austria.
 That Sunday we were able to visit the Winterthur Branch.  We have some great sisters there!
 The last week of the month was the transfer.  We received 25 new goldens!!!
 President Kohler divided them into groups to head back on the bahn from the airport.
 That evening we gathered after dinner to find out where they would all be serving and to share testimonies.  Very exciting!
 And the next morning it was off to the bahnhof to go to their first areas.
 That evening we welcomed our 10 departing missionaries into the Mission Home.
We enjoyed a great farewell testimony meeting.  We will miss them!

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